Visualizing Occupation: Distribution of Water

Israel controls the access to water from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Its disproportionate allocation of water, the settlements’ takeover of natural springs, and the prohibition against maintaining and constructing water cisterns in the West Bank without Israeli permits make water a sparse commodity for Palestinians. This illustration is the sixth in a series of infographics on Palestinian civilian life under occupation.

By Michal Vexler

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B’Tselem: The Shared Water Sources and the Control Over Them 
Amnesty International: Troubled Waters:  Palestinians Denies Fair Access to Water
United Nations OCHA: The Humanitarian Impact of the Takeover of Palestinian Water Springs by Israeli Settlers

Michal Vexler is a designer and an activist. This work – a part of a series of infographics regarding the effect of the occupation on the Palestinian civilian population – is presented here with her permission.

 >For the entire Visualizing Occupation series click here

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