WATCH: Beit Shemesh women in flash mob against segregation

Ever since an ultra-Orthodox Jew spat on 8-year-old Naama Margolese for dressing “immodestly”, Beit Shemesh can’t seem to get out of the news.Yet some women of Beit Shemesh, as the JPost reported two days ago, decided to dance the bad vibes away with a flash mob:
Dance organizer Miri Shalem said that the event was organized in protest of the violent extremist actions of “the group of crazies,” and to show that there is another side to Beit Shemesh. “Today the women and girls demonstrated our unity in public and I hope we will continue to do this in the future in order to improve our city,” she said.
The video came out today, and I find it particularly heart-warming. Religious and secular women, all “immodestly” dressed according to the ultra-Orthodox, showing them who wears the pants in this town.[youtube][/youtube]