WATCH: Finally, an Israeli politician demanding Arab-Jewish unity

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post sharing my personal grappling with the question of whether to vote or not in the election in 12 days. I’m still not sure if I will end up voting, as it feels to me in principal like conceding to Israel’s farcical democracy and a direct affront to all the disenfranchised Palestinians who live under the same governmental roof.

But if I do vote, I know who I will vote for: Da’am, the Arab-Jewish workers’ party. I’m not going to elaborate much more, at least not in this post (you can read their platform here), because I think the message in the video below by the party’s chairwoman, Asma Agbaria Zahalka – a Palestinian citizen of Israel from Jaffa – says it all. It is such a simple message, but for 2013 Israel, it is a revolutionary one. A message that you don’t hear from any politicians in Israel, Arab or Jewish, certainly not in such an assertive, unabashed, matter-of-fact-manner.

And as for the argument that there are no politicians out there with any charisma, that can out-charm, or out-talk Netanyahu, I think  he’s met his match.

I just want to note that I happened upon this video the first time on a local TV channel that was playing in a supermarket in Jaffa, with subtitles in Arabic.

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