WATCH: Israeli analyst and Arab MK clash over Gaza assault

Since the assault on Gaza began, Israeli TV has been covering events (at least on the Israeli side) almost 24/7. The Channel 2 studio is the one most watched, with generals, experts, analysts and politicians having a say.

Yesterday they had their leading military analyst Roni Daniel reporting, just as initial reports about the IDF bombing a house that killed 11 people inside. Daniel is somewhat of an IDF spokesman. He doesn’t even attempt to report objectively, and at times voices his disgust with how the army is acting, usually by not using enough brute force to his liking. Which is what happened yesterday, as he called for more destruction, Dahiya-style.

But in the studio at that moment was Arab MK Ahmad Tibi, a talented politician who himself never runs from a media circus when possible, if possible.

The result? A clash of Titans, if you will.

(Translation and subtitles: Ami Kaufman)

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