WATCH: Israeli soldiers party in demolished settlement outpost

The Givat Sorek outpost, built on private Palestinian land, was destroyed by Israeli soldiers just a week ago. Now it has become an area for soldiers to relax and barbecue.

Soldiers from the Golani Brigade were filmed relaxing and barbecuing in an illegal settlement outpost near Hebron on Tuesday. The outpost was destroyed just a week ago following a High Court ruling.

The “Givat Sorek” outpost, which was was established in the wake of the murder of the three teenagers last June is located between the Karmei Tzur settlement and the Palestinian city Halhul. According to Yehuda Wald, who chairs the Karmei Tzur secretariat, the outpost included a synagogue in honor of the teens, and a rest spot for soldiers serving in the area.

The only issue is: the outpost was established on privately-owned Palestinian land belonging to residents Halhul. The residents, along with Israeli NGO Rabbis for Human Rights petitioned the High Court, demanding that the outpost be demolished. While leaders in Karmei Tzur reject the claim that the land belongs to Palestinians, the High Court established that the outpost was illegal, ordering the state to demolish it. Soldiers arrived in Givat Sorek last week and destroyed the buildings that had been erected there. Wald announced that the settlers would continue to struggle and hold on to the land.

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On Tuesday, an activist with Rabbis for Human Rights and Ta’ayush visited the sight of the outpost, only to find a large group of Golani soldiers relaxing in a new structure that had been established alongside the ruins of the outpost. An officer who was on the scene spoke with the activist, stating that he is not aware that the structure is illegal, and that he received permission from his commander to relax there with his soldiers. Another soldier told the activist that the the place is designated for the soldiers’ enjoyment, and therefore destroying it would make no sense.

The IDF Spokesperson has yet issue a response.

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