WATCH: High holy day manifesto for just peace

Young, Jewish and Proud, a grassroots organization based in the United States, has released a video manifesto calling upon the Jewish community to recognize their call for a just resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The video was released to coincide with the Palestinian bid for independent statehood at the UN, and with the Jewish High Holy Days, which begin Wednesday night with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

In the video, 40 Jewish-American youth aged 18-36 face the camera to testify to their diversity – from rabbis and students to punks and freedom fighters – before declaring their manifesto, which includes quotes such as:

We refuse to allow our identities to be cut, cleaned, packaged nicely, and sold back to us. We won’t be won over by free vacations and scholarship money. We won’t buy the logic that slaughter means safety. We will not quietly witness the violation of human rights in Palestine. We refuse to become the mother who did not scream when wise King Solomon resolved to split her baby in two.

The video is co-sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace, which calls for an end of the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, and for a just resolution to the Palestinian refugee problem.