WATCH: Life under occupation in the Jordan Valley, Part 1

Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley share their personal experiences of what life under occupation has meant for them. The first of two parts.

Iman Abusrur explains how even a simple injury like a broken leg can get complicated when the nearest clinic is 45 kilometers away on rough roads:

Khulusi Haj Muhammed visits his devastated family home every day. He can’t get a permit to fix the roof that collapsed. He longs for peace, to live his remaining years with dignity:

Ahmed Ghawanmeh talks about on the difference between his village, Jiftlik, and the neighboring Israeli settlements, and the sense of humiliation and oppression that comes from living in the shadow of the occupation:

Khaled Handomh explains about what happens when a resident of al-Jiftlik wants to turn on an air-conditioner in the summer, or when a woman in labor has to pass through the checkpoint to get to the hospital: