WATCH: MK claims gays interfere with army’s ability to fight

After Yisrael Beiteinu MK Anastasia Michaeli’s rant a few days ago against homosexuals (which will apparently continue in a lengthy interview later this week in Maariv) it was MK Uri Ariel’s (National Union) turn to do some gay-bashing.

On June 18 he was interviewed on the Knesset channel and said that gays should not be drafted into the IDF.


There’s a lot of buzz on the social networks, saying that Ariel and Michaeli’s statements are just an attempt to divert attention from the coalition’s bigger problems and crimes (the Ulpana neighborhood, Finance Minister Steinitz giving billions to the corporations, the South Sudanese deportation and much, much more).

But first of all, Ariel isn’t part of the coalition.

And second, I think that’s giving this government way too much credit. They’re not that savvy.

The bottom line is, this Knesset is full of ignorant, dark, primitive voices.