WATCH: Netanyahu scolds top aide in front of cameras

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office is in utter chaos (and this is not an exaggeration)

For years we all knew he was a difficult man to work for, but the situation in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has reached new heights over the past few weeks.

Natan Eshel, Netanyahu’s bureau chief, agreed on Sunday to resign after being accused of sexually harassing an employee. As if to make things worse, reports surfaced this week that Eshel took inappropriate pictures with his phone of this employee during Netanyahu’s last speech at Congress [Heb]. You remember, the one where he got 29 standing ovations?

Furthermore, yesterday the head of the National Information Directorate at Netanyahu’s office, Yoaz Hendel, resigned from his post. Hendel, who just started the job 6 months ago, quit after claiming the PM had lost trust in him for telling the attorney general about Eshel’s behavior. Netanyahu, who is allegedly mad at his officials for turning to the AG before telling him, should actually be thankful his people didn’t let him in on this. They saved him the nasty spotlights from the media. But as usual, Bibi had to screw things up.

The icing on the cake had to be the video released last night showing Netanyahu reprimanding , in front of the cameras, his cabinet secretary Zvi Hauser, who also squealed with Hendel to the AG. He gave Hauser a lashing for… not closing the door during the cabinet meeting this Sunday. Reports say that Hauser is now also considering resigning.

Wow, someone’s losing it. Great timing, too. With Iran and all…