WATCH: Palestinian violently dragged by ununiformed soldiers

A video uploaded Tuesday by the International Solidarity movement shows a young Palestinian man being violently dragged from checkpoint 56 in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron, in the occupied West Bank. The young men dragging him appear to be soldiers out of uniform during some sort of sport activity. I have requested comment from the IDF spokesperson and will update if I hear back.

UPDATE: The IDF Spokesperson replied with this response:

The video does not accurately depict the course of events that occurred yesterday. During routine activity in Hebron, a Palestinian individual refused to identify himself to soldiers following their request. The Palestinian individual confronted IDF forces on the scene, an incident which doesn’t appear in the video; other soldiers not on duty, who happened to be in the area, witnessed the confrontation and came to the aid of the soldiers on scene.

This is the text description that ISM uploaded.

A Palestinian man was detained by soldiers at checkpoint 56 and dragged into a house were they closed the door. Another Palestinian, a teenager, protested against this just as a group of soldiers out of uniform came jogging by. They immediately went for the young Palestinian protesting the detainment and started wrestling him to the ground in an efford to detain him as well.

As they were wrestling him one soldier kicked him while another hit him with his hand. The soldiers proceded to carry him down the hill towards the same building where they still kept the first detained Palestinian behind closed doors. As they went they dropped the young Palestinian man to the ground but just kept on dragging him across the concrete. More soldiers came to the area and started shoving people away declaring it a Closed Military Zone (CMZ), but refusing to show the papers they are required to have in order to create a CMZ.

One soldier out of uniform tried to steal several witnesses camera and passport and succeded in one case, after which he ran down the hill hiding amongst the other soldiers. The soldiers kept the passport for 35 minutes at which point they handed it over to the police, saying “Make sure to write down his name for the airport, so he can’t come back here”, referring to the many solidarity activists who has been registered and banned from entering Israel. The two Palestinian men were put into military jeeps and taken to the military base even though the police were present