WATCH: Right-wing group posts video of ‘Haganah Castrator’

The supremacist organization Lehava published a video on its website yesterday showing two former Palmach fighters from the Hagana, boasting about how they castrated Arabs upon orders from David Ben-Gurion himself.

It’s an old clip taken from a documentary made in 2010 called “Nevelot” (bastards). The movie tells about the lives of two men, Meir Lavetovsky and Yitzhak Weinstein, who were the inspiration for a TV show that went by the same name and also based on a book by Yoram Kaniuk.

I did not see either the movie nor the documentary. I could not find much information about the two, but a bit of googling shows Meir lost a grandson in a terror attack. He later died after he was stabbed in broad daylight by a mental patient who had been released from hospital.

Lehava, of course, chose to post a clip that serves their disgusting agenda, which is why I translated it.

The ultra right-wing site Hakol Hayehudi notes today that this was not the only case, and tells a detailed story of a “famous” castration story that took place in the Bet She’an area [Heb]. According to the site, castration was chosen over death, as an “eye for an eye” punishment that would also provoke less anger among the Arabs.