WATCH: Soldiers open fire on stone-throwers in Qalandia, three killed

Three Palestinians, including one man released in the Shalit prisoner exchange, were shot to death by IDF forces this morning in Qalandia refugee camp, near Ramallah. UPDATE: According to the latest reports, the former prisoner, Yusuf Khatib, was the target of the IDF arrest operation, and was not among those who died. 

The incident began when plainclothes soldiers who entered the camp to carry out arrests were exposed by local residents. According to reports in the Israeli media, after being attacked with stones and rocks, the soldiers used live ammunition to rescue themselves out of the refugee camp. Rubin al-Abed, 32, Yunis Jahjuh, 22, and Jihad Aslan, 20, died from the shooting. Palestinian sources are reporting at least another 15 wounded.

13 Palestinians have been killed this year from IDF fire in the West Bank.

UPDATE: The Palestinian Authority canceled the next scheduled negotiations meeting with Israel following the events in Qalandia.

Here are three clips from the events this morning. In the top video you can see a couple of armed vehicles attacked with stones. The shots are clearly heard in the bottom videos.