WATCH: US admits Israelis more important than Americans

This video has to be the epitome of embarrassment. I was squirming in my chair when I watched the AP reporter grill this poor woman, sent out into the cold by her boss Hillary Clinton, in an attempt to defend the impossible: withholding U.S. funds to UNESCO.

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I mean, come on, let’s face it. When it came to crunch time, when the U.S. had to decide whose interests are more important – it chose Israel over itself.

For example, as M.J. Rosenberg points out, Californians might want to make sure they live on higher ground:

As Wirth explains, UNESCO “leads global efforts to bring clean water to the poor, promotes educational and curriculum building in the developing world, and manages a tsunami early warning system in the Pacific, among other important tasks. This critical work would be jeopardized if UNESCO’s top funder stops paying its bills.”
So, when the waves start crashing on Santa Cruz, and you guys didn’t know about it – remember those bastards at UNESCO who dared to give Palestine a seat. It was worth it glug glug glug gluggggg!”

Oh, and let’s not forget the other juicy stuff:

According to Politico‘s Jonathan Allen, the funding cut would have a damaging effect on “American tech companies — such as Apple, Google and Microsoft — and movie studios that use UNESCO to open markets in the developing world and rely upon an associated entity, the World Intellectual Property Organization, to police international disputes over music, movies and software.”

Potentially, the damage can be much, much worse if Palestine seeks and gains recognition from such other critical U.N. entities as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The IAEA is the agency that the U.S. government has relied on to restrain nuclear weapon development (and proliferation) by Iran, North Korea, and others. The WHO works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta to protect us from potential pandemics like the avian flu.

Heck, if I were in the States now, I’d be fine with this. I don’t care if it means we won’t be able to monitor Iran’s nukes closer, or maybe make my family in the U.S. more susceptible to disease. Screw that.

You gotta keep your eye on the prize. And the prize is keeping American integrity.

The Law says we have to cut the funds. We cut the funds. Nothing else matters.