Watch: Roger Waters speaks against boycott bill, endorses BDS

At the time of writing, it’s not clear yet whether the the boycott bill will go for a second and third vote in the Knesset today, or whether it will happen next week. In both cases, the proposed law, criminalizing any opposition to the occupation that would take the form of a boycott call, is expected to pass with a clear majority.

From the moment it’s published as a state law, even a call not to visit occupied Hebron might get someone prosecuted and heavily fined.

I will write more about this bill later this week but meanwhile, here is a call to oppose it and an endorsement of the BDS, that was made just now by legendary leader of the Pink Floyd, Roger Waters.

There is an interesting point to make here. Many people speaking against the boycott say that dialogue is always better than banning people or nations – so an artist who has an opinion on the conflict should come here and voice it. A few years ago, Waters did just that when he used his show in Israel to speak in opposition to the occupation. As expected, he was viciously attacked in the press, with even center-left journalists calling him not to interfere in the county’s business. There were many calls to boycott his concert as well. I guess that the reaction to Waters’ attempt to engage with Israelis back then helped lead him to the stand he is now taking.