Young Israeli boy, non-citizen mother arrested ahead of deportation

We wrote in January [Hebrew] about Supreme Court Justice Yoram Denzinger permitting the deportation of an Israeli boy and his Polish mother. Yesterday at 5 a.m., the mother and her son were arrested ahead of their deportation. This time again, Justice Denzinger refused to get involved.

The boy was born in Israel in 2005 to a Polish women and an Israeli man.  The boy has no connection to his father, received Israeli citizenship, and grew up in Israel from birth.  In August 2010, the mother submitted a request for status on the basis of a government decision stating that children who grew up without legal status in Israel – along with their parents – can obtain residency permits, in order to avoid uprooting and exiling children.  The mother’s request was rejected out of hand over the claim that her son actually did have status – he is a citizen – and that those specific proceedings are for those without.

The District Court rejected the petition she had submitted against the decision, and Supreme Court Justice Yoram Denzinger refused to issue an order prohibited their deportation as long as the appeal of the District Court’s decision is pending.  Chances for the appeal are slim, Justice Denzinger opined, because a child who is a citizen (as opposed to an undocumented child immigrant) does not grant his or her parents status. The government decision granting status to children and their parents, Judge Denzinger said, applies to unlawful residents, and not to the citizen child and his illegal immigrant mother.

As stated, the Israeli boy and his mother were arrested early yesterday morning in their home, and taken to Ben Gurion Airport.  Justice Denzinger did not see fit to change the decision he gave in January, “with full understanding of the personal circumstances of the applicants.”