Izzie in HolyLand – Part 20: Lieberman “stools” to new low


(To fully enjoy this post, YOU MUST first listen to this short 15 second audio clip. The link is for a Hebrew website, but the audio link is clearly visible on the top, with the standard “play” button next to a small picture of Avigdor Lieberman. In this link, you will hear from which location our beloved Foreign Minister chose to conduct his latest radio interview concerning the flare up with Hamas.)

Izzie calls Minister for Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman, but apparently catches him at a bad time. And then she does it again – with someone else…

Izzie: Ruthie, get me Lieberman on the line!

Ruthie: Yes mam, right away!…..  Mr. Lieberman, Ms. HolyLand is on the line.

Lieberman: What.

Izzie: Avigdor, it’s Izzie.


Izzie: I said, “it’s Izzie”.

Lieberman: I heard you the first time.



Izzie: Is this a bad time?

Lieberman: No.

Izzie: Good. Listen. I want to talk to you about the whole thing with the Attorney General, and indicting you for fraud and money laundering. It’s bad. It makes us look bad.


Izzie: Are you listening to me?

Lieberman: Yes.

Izzie: OK. So, what do you — wait a minute… what was that???

Lieberman: What was what?

Izzie: Did you just flush the toilet?!?!?! Are you in the bathroom??!?!?

Lieberman: Maybe.

Izzie: What do you mean “maybe”????


Izzie: That’s just disgusting.

Lieberman: Why. It’s natural.

Izzie: That doesn’t mean I have to hear it, you imbecile! Show me some respect, Jesus!

Lieberman: No, I mean it’s natural for Liebermans.

Izzie: What do you mean “natural for Liebermans”?

Lieberman: All Lieberman politicians do important conversations from toilet.


Lieberman: Even Joe Lieberman.

Izzie: Shut up!!! Joe Lieberman is a very good friend of mine! He would never do that to me! And I will not have you talk about him that way!

Lieberman: Call him.


Lieberman: Go on.

Izzie: OK, I will. Ruthie, get me Joe Lieberman!

Joe Lieberman: Hello?

Izzie: Joe? Hey! It’s Izzie!

Joe Lieberman: Hey Izzie! How are ya!

Izzie: I’m good! Listen, I was just talking to Avigdor, and he said something really odd…

Joe Lieberman: Well THAT’s a first! HEHE!

Izzie: No, no – I mean really odd. He told me that — wait a minute! Did you just flush!!?!?!
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8eUcsso9dg&feature=player_embedded [/youtube]


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