Military court orders feminist Palestinian lawmaker released on bail

The military prosecution is planning to appeal the decision, and may even try to send Jarrar back into administrative detention.

Khalida Jarrar, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and a leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, poses for a photo showing an internal expulsion order given to her by Israeli soldiers who invaded her home in Ramallah in the early hours of August 20, Ramallah, West Bank, August 27, 2014. Jarrar was ordered to go to Jericho within 24 hours, but she refused to sign the paper. She is determined to stay in a protest tent in front of the Palestinian Council in Ramallah until the decision is revoked.
Khalida Jarrar, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and a leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, poses for a photo showing an internal expulsion order given to her by Israeli soldiers who invaded her home in Ramallah in the early hours of August 20, Ramallah, West Bank, August 27, 2014. 

An Israeli military court rejected the military prosecutor’s request Thursday to detain Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar until the end of legal proceedings. Jarrar was arrest in April by Israeli soldiers. She was first held in administrative detention, although she was later released and sentenced.

The court found that there is no reason to hold Jarrar in detention until the end of proceedings, and ruled that she would be freed on NIS 20,000 bail. The military prosecutor, however, has three days to appeal the ruling. According to Addameer, a Palestinian NGO that works to support Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli and Palestinian prisons, representatives from the military prosecution have made clear that they either intend to appeal and/or ask to put her back in administrative detention, which would see her indefinitely detained with no indictment, while her present case is resolved in court.

Jarrar, a feminist activist who works on issues of prisoner rights and belongs to the Palestinian parliament on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), was accused by the military prosecution of belonging to a “terrorist organization.” Most of the accusations leveled against her touch on her political activism, which includes participation in demonstrations, visits to solidarity tents with Palestinian prisoners and more.

In a hearing last week Jarrar’s attorney, Mahmoud Hassan, pointed out that some of the incidents mentioned in the indictment took place years ago, and claimed that the army has refrained from arresting her until now, despite having a number of opportunities. This, he claimed, shows that the army does not view her actions as dangerous. The military court adopted Hassan’s line of argument in its ruling Thursday.

Palestinian political activists believe that Jarrar’s arrest stems from the fact that she is one of the more vocal opponents of the Palestinian Authority’s security coordination with Israel, as well as her membership in the PA team that is formulating claims against Israel in the International Criminal Court.

Alongside Jarrar are 16 other members of the Palestinian Legislative Council who are currently being held in Israeli prisons. Nine of them, including Hamas member Aziz Dweik, are in administrative detention, which means they are being held indefinitely have neither stood trial nor been sentenced. Elected officials around the world, including members of the Joint List, have called for Jarrar’s release.

This article was first published in Hebrew on Local Call. Read it here.

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One response to “Israeli army arrests Palestinian feminist lawmaker, months after her release”

  1. Firentis says:

    Jarrar is a member of the PFLP. The United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, and the European Union have designated the PFLP as a terrorist organization. So, a terrorist got arrested. Excellent! Hopefully they throw away the key.

    • Ben says:

      Yeah, the terror of women’s rights activism, international law and human rights for the women prisoners and children. It’s such a bummer.

      This is obvious political persecution, just as with the Birzeit students and with Hiba al-Labadi, but interesting larger political question is why is it that the Likud, Habayit Hayehudi, Otzma Yehudit and the Yesha Council are not designated terrorist organizations? (Because the occupation is terror.) I guess it’s for the same reason the Romans and the British were not designated terrorists when they occupied Palestine–while the Jews resisting them then were designated terrorists by the Romans and the British and their cozy allies.

      Picture the Latin decrees: “This Jew was detained by Roman Imperial forces on August 20th at a crossing while traveling…his arrest was related to meetings he had with Jewish terror-organization (Zealot) affiliates during a previous visit, where he was visiting his sister….” And we know what decrees the British issued against folks like Begin and Shamir. And their “affiliates.” Yes sir “round up the affiliates, we got an occupied population to suppress.”

      • Itshak Gordine says:

        Yescha and the political parties you quote are respectable and have representatives abroad as opposed to the terrorists (considered almost everywhere as such ..) of the PFLP.

    • Bruce Gould says:

      @Firentis: Imprisonment without charge or trial: Jewish justice at its best.

  2. Bruce Gould says:

    A note on how the U.S. handles “terrorists”: Most “terrorism” cases are actually tried in civilian courts in a jury trial.

    “For years, the Justice Department has worked to ensure that terrorism suspects wind up in federal court and not in military commissions, and certainly not in indefinite detention without facing charge or trial…” – that last sentence bears repeating: not in indefinite detention without facing charge or trial.

  3. marilyn katz says:

    Under what definition of democracy could Israel be counted as one?

  4. Carmen says:

    The IOF are just a bunch of p@ssies. Afraid, like so many in this patriarchy, of strong women like Ms. Jarrar won’t bow to them or fear them. Strong women who are admired and loved by their people. If the true measure of a man was how he treats strong women, this is a huge fail, among so many others. #LOSERS

    • Lewis from Afula says:

      Please leave out your silly, American uber-feminist nonsense at home.
      Nobody believes in this rubbish.
      That is especially true for the polygamous, Gay-murdering, honor killing retards who are squatting in Judea & Samria.

  5. Itshak Gordine says:

    She is a member of an organization recognized by several countries as a terrorist. Around the world we are fighting against terrorism. When Isreael does it, it annoys the leftists.

    • Ben says:

      It’s political persecution. Around the world Slobodan Milosevich said he was “fighting terrorists.” Around the world the Apartheid South Africans said they were fighting “terrorists.” Around the world the (Israeli-arms-supplied) generals of Myanmar say they are “fighting terrorism.” Around the world the Chinese who viciously persecute the Tibetan and Uighur minorities say they are “fighting terrorism.” You should be careful with pronouns like “we,” as in “we are fighting against terrorism.” You want there to be a pure, noble “we” in which you dissolve and fudge the particulars of Israel’s tactics, but there is no such “we.” Thus endeth another chapter in your inveterate (Orwellian) misuse of language.

      • Itshak Gordine says:

        We must protect our civilians from danger, whether you like it or not. The PFLP is a terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israeli civilians. We know that leaves you indifferent ..

        • Ben says:

          It has nothing to do with security. You can ritualistically chant “terrorist” a hundred times and it won’t change that fact. It has to do with Rina Shnerb’s death only as a collective revenge reaction. Those Israelis who kill Palestinians–carelessly, needlessly, casually–never get remotely similar punishment. Ever. See:

          15-year-old Palestinian Was Shot to Death. Israeli Soldier Who Fired at Him Got One Month of Community Service
          The soldier admitted that he had fired his weapon toward Othman Rami Halas, without the approval of his commanders. IDF sources: No proof that soldier’s action caused death

          It’s arbitrary, capricious arrest and detention without charge by the Israeli overlord. It’s collective vengeance. Jarrar is being punished for free speech against the occupation. And for refusing to bow down. And for being an effective leader, which is a grave, unpardonable sin in Israeli eyes.

          It’s political persecution. It makes no one safer, just the opposite. The Germans who occupied Paris insisted too that it was all about keeping the occupier safe. Were the power imbalance different Palestinians would round up Habayit Hayahudi and Otzma members every time the Israeli army carelessly, needlessly killed Palestinian civilians. I bet you’d like that, huh?

          Israeli deaths do not leave me indifferent. Fakery about “security” leaves me cold. Dishonesty and injustice leaves me cold. Indifference to Israeli lives sacrificed to the Settler Moloch leave me cold.

          I view you as deeply misguided at best. If you settlers truly cared about Israeli lives you would not keep putting soldiers and civilians at risk for your ruthlessly selfish acquisitive aims. Your cult project. So turn it around. It’s a given that you are utterly indifferent, at best, to Palestinian deaths. (Your far right fellow traveler from Afula takes open pleasure in their deaths—see the post below—just one example. That doesn’t bother you one whit.) That’s a given. But I view you as not caring about israeli lives either if it means giving up your fanatic, totalizing, narcissistic-messianic hypernationalism.

          • Itshak Gordine says:

            What do you know? You are not in Israel. Have you had access to justice records or are you relying on the statements of Haaretz or some leftists?

          • Ben says:

            Halevy, no one has access to “justice records” because it is a police state, a state in which arrest is capricious, defendants are not even defendants, are given no due process, are not allowed lawyers to defend themselves, where there is no public airing of evidence, where “military security” and such is used as an excuse to keep everything secret. Get real.

          • Itshak Gordine says:

            So it’s usually blah blah since you do not know anything about the file. You have only one priority: to slander the State of Israel.

          • Ben says:

            I hate to ruin your fairy tale but Stasi-style secret files with no public airing of evidence is prima facie evidence that a state actually has no case and knows it so it has to substitute bullshit like this: “in suspicion of being involved in activities which jeopardize the security in the area.” You and I both know that if they actually had anything at all on Jarrar they would announce it with trumpets blaring and sirens screaming on every TV channel, Netanyahu facebook page and tweet stream and the right wing TV shouters would be jabbering and foaming at the mouth about it.

            Exposing to light the organized crime of the state-sponsored settlement enterprise is not “slander.” As Justice Brandeis famously wrote:
            “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”
            And see the fuller statement of that ethic, by James Bryce, to which Brandeis was referring:

            All of which is light years away conceptually from anything you’ve ever been taught to think.

        • Rivka Koen says:

          > “We must protect our civilians from danger”

          First of all, you don’t have any civillians. Second of all, this is a thought-terminating cliché and is very close to what white supremacists say in America when justifying their terrorist campaigns. words

  6. Lewis from Afula says:

    I hope all such PFLP terrorists are “taken out”.
    Actually, the entire PFLP leadership should be eliminated.
    We should start with this drekess first.

  7. Magdalena Collins says:

    Decent people of the world are with you. We are horrified with Israeli goverment.