Report: J14 tents to be dismantled after “Million people” protest

The Israeli website NRG says the J14 movement is considering to call on all tent camps to dismantle after the Saturday mass demonstrations; and could J14 and M15 jump over the pond?

1. NRG is reporting [HEB] today that J14 leaders are contemplating the dismantling of tents across the country and moving on to the next phase of their struggle.

Comparisons to Madrid and the M15 (May 15th) movement have been made for some time now. The Spanish “Indignados” also reached a conclusion that sitting in the squares had a certain life span to it, and eventually picked up their bags and left.

If this indeed happens, it will be a good decision by the J14 leaders. The tents have run their course, and if the Saturday demonstration is big (I’m taking the whole family this time), it’ll be great to “go out with a bang” – but keep fighting through other venues.

2. Will Wall St. become the next Rothschild boulevard? The web is now full of calls from a group called “Adbusters” that is planning on “occupying” Wall St. with tents on September 17th. “Occupying”? “Tents”? A bit too much Israeli influence, to my liking. But hey… If this global movement actually does reach New York, and if the numbers are big – this could be huge.

I don’t think it would be too far fetched to say that these activists were not only inspired by Madrid, but also by us here in the Holy Land (oh, and guess what they’re demanding. Yup… “social justice”).
Report: J14 tents to be dismantled after
3. I wonder what leftists would have said about the J14 movement not discussing the occupation, if the slogan of the movement was different.

Let’s say it wasn’t “social justice”. Let’s say the leaders came up with something different – and even more appropriate – like, “More socialism, less capitalism!”. Would they have still been bothered that the occupation wasn’t mentioned? Is this all because of one word? “Justice?”

I’ll say it again and I’ll say it a million times: This is about “capitalism gone wild”. It’s about a global system, rooted in Wall St., that has turned all of us into “unconnected”.

It’s unfortunate that Israelis can’t fight against the occupation and against the financial system simultaneously. But they can’t. They don’t mix security and economy. They just don’t. And in my opinion, they don’t have to. And whoever doesn’t get that – doesn’t get Israelis.

4. In fact, I think the J14 leaders, considering the young whipper snappers that they are, have made very few mistakes. Yet one of them, for me, is the failure to recognize how J14 is actually part of a world movement, stretching from Madrid, all across Europe – and maybe, just maybe, across the pond (finally).

The Israeli media, particularly the financial papers, have just now started to deal with this issue in depth. And rightfully so. It’s no coincidence that all this is happening three years after the 2008 crash, as the EU seems to be on the verge of collapse and just as the double dip recession arrows start to point down on the New York Stock Exchange.

I hope J14 make this connection soon, and realizes that cooperation with other movements can not only make Israel a better place – they can be part of something bigger that, as cliche as this may sound, could change the world.