WATCH: Israeli Supreme Court hears Rachel Corrie appeal

Corrie’s father expresses hope that the top justices ‘understand what it means to protect civilians,’ and that they reverse the trend of impunity for the IDF.

By Jeremy Elster

The Israeli Supreme Court this week heard an appeal on behalf of the family of Rachel Corrie, who was crushed to death by an IDF bulldozer in 2003 outside Rafah, Gaza. At the time, she was non-violently protesting the demolition of Palestinian homes. Her parents, Cindy and Craig Corrie, filed a civil suit against the State of Israel alleging wrongful death but faced a setback in August 2012 when the Haifa District Court ruled that the state was not responsible for her death and shifted the blame for the killing on to Rachel herself.

Walking out of the courtroom after the two-and-a-half-hour appeal, Attorney Hussein Abu Hussein, lawyer for the Corrie family, declared the August 2012 decision “a bad day for human rights” and warned that a repeat verdict would set a dangerous precedent against the protection of activists and undermine Israel’s democracy.

Craig Corrie, Rachel’s father, expressed some optimism that the panel of three justices appeared more receptive than those from Haifa. He then remarked, “I hope that the [Supreme Court] understands the issues. They understand what it means to protect civilians and how important that is. That they reverse the trend of the Israeli military having impunity for what they do. It has to be questioned. And I hope they do that.”

Now that the appeal has been heard, the family and supporters will have to wait until a decision is made.

Watch this interview with Craig and Cindy Corrie, Rachel’s parents:

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