WATCH: New York Times and Al Jazeera commentary on Anat Kamm

I have a brief op-ed up on the New York Times and in today’s International Herald Tribune, discussing the repercussions of Anat Kamm’s sentence. One of the things I wanted to highlight is the highly disturbing insinuation reflected in the decision to prosecute Kamm on the charges of espionage. Does that mean that informing the public constitues treason – and that the state and the army see the Israeli public as a potential enemy?  And will we now see the reporter who published Kamm’s documents, Uri Blau, go on trial for doing his job?

A few days earlier, on Sunday, I appeared on Al Jazeera International to discuss the immediate implications of Kamm’s sentence. Watch it below.


Finally, for Hebrew readers – on Monday I had the chance to elaborate some of the arguments made in my last week’s post about Palestinian prisoners in a Haaretz op-ed.