WATCH: Palestinian youth abducted by police in E. Jerusalem

While Israelis are busy pitching tents across the country, in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, life under occupation goes on as usual, far away from the media’s eyes. In the shocking footage below, taken with a surveillance camera last Friday, July 22, Palestinian teens playing soccer in the street are suddenly abducted by Israeli soldiers in an undercover vehicle and hauled away.  Whether guilty of stone throwing or not, this is not the way to go about conducting justice in a country’s capital.


As Sloveninan philosopher Slavoj Zizek has expressed many times, when there are no big headlines in the news about confrontations between Israelis and Palestinians, one should assume the mundane atrocities of daily occupation are taking place, in what is a very asymmetrical conflict.

It is not surprising that the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement and other anti-occupation figures have therefore demanded that several Israeli musicians scheduled to perform in the City of David in a concert sponsored by the Ministry of Culture refuse to do so. The City of David is a self-described “archaeological park” located in the heart of Silwan and operated by Elad, an organization with an agenda of moving Jews into this densely-populated Palestinian neighborhood.

Video h/t Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement