WATCH: ‘My Neighbourhood’ – the human impact of settlements in Sheikh Jarrah

Just Vision’s Peabody Award winning film, My Neigbhourhood (directed by Julia Bacha and Rebekah Wingert-Jabi), tells the story of Mohammed El Kurd, a Palestinian teenager in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah whose family is forced to share a section of their home with Israeli settlers. Mohammed comes-of-age in the midst of unrelenting tension with his neighbors and unexpected cooperation with Israeli allies in his backyard.

The struggle against evictions of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah returned this week as the Shamasneh family stands to lose its home, which would be the neighborhood’s first eviction since 2009. An Israeli court is expected to order their eviction on Monday.

A number of films from Israel and Palestine have raised international awareness of the occupation and issues developing on the ground this year (5 Broken Cameras and The Gatekeepers). Considering that the Peabody Awards ceremony falls on the same day that the Shamasneh stands to be ordered out of their home, can international attention surrounding My Neighborhood impact reality on the ground?

Watch My Neighbourhood in full:

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